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How can a checklist type/format of test cases fit into TestRail?


let me explain what i mean by checklist type.

Normally a test case would have a list of test steps and an expected result either at the end of the test steps or at intermediate steps.

But for this particular project I’m working on, I have test cases which are very similar in their test steps (which could be move into a pre-condition steps) but with just a small change in condition (for example changing a course grading from letter grade to percentage grade) can have a huge list of expected values.
for now I have a spreadsheet with each test case on each row and at the end I have about 15 columns to handle different expected results.

Any idea how I can represent that in TestRail?



Hello Roy,

If I understood you correctly, you have a basic test case that you want to test with different data and expected results, is that correct? If so, there are basically two ways to represent this in TestRail:

  1. Use one test case and attach the data to the case or list the data in one of the text fields. If the list is really just test data/expected results and it’s a list with many columns, having an attached Excel sheet for this isn’t a bad idea.

  2. You could also have a separate test case for each dataset. If all/most test steps are the same for all the cases, you might want to have a ‘base case’ and reference it in your other cases. For example, you could have a base test case and link to this case from the prerequisite field of your other cases (you can just enter [C1234] to make a link to a case). You could then enter the test data in the steps field and the expected result in the expected result field, respectively. This way you don’t have enter/duplicate all the steps for all cases.

We will introduce custom fields in the next TestRail version (planned for June) so you could customize the fields if necessary. We will also introduce an alternative way to enter test steps in a more structured way, so you might also look into this then.

I hope this helps!



Hello, Dennis,

I have used to use TR in the first way you have described. But I’m still looking for ‘checklist options’. I think it would be great to have possibility of checklist inside test case and seeing it in test result. Together with custom test result status it could add flexibility to TR.

Best regards,
Aleksey Tanana.


Thanks for your feedback, Aleksey! We will make sure to review this for a future version. You can already add custom fields (of various types) and this should also help in the meantime:



Hi, Tobias! Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t find “Step Results” type in TestRail version Is it still there?



Hello Aleksey,

Yes, it’s still there! You can find the Step Results type as part of the “Result Fields” list on Administration > Customizations. The corresponding field for the cases is called “Steps” and available for “Case Fields”.

I hope this helps!



Thanks a lot, I’ve found it!


That’s great to hear, happy to help :slightly_smiling:



I have checklist based test case like below.

Can we have something like this test rail ?


Hi srinivasskc,

Thanks for posting. Yes, of course you can create a test case like that in TestRail. TestRail allows you to fully customize your test case template, so it fits your needs perfectly. The easiest way to create a checklist based test case is use of “Steps (steps_separated)” case filed. You can find all available case fields and templates on Administration > Customizations. There you can reuse the existing ones and update them accordingly, or even create new case fields and templates.

I hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information :slight_smile: