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Hover Capability for Test Case URLs


Does this Forum know of any good ways to incorporate hover view capabilities to URLs within a Test Case Step? Basically have the hover-over summary function that the current References and Bugs/Defect items have, but in a different place?

Reason: From a test case step, we’d like to reference another TestRail test case, almost as a prerequisite of sorts.

We have the URL to that other TestRail test case included in the step, but to avoid clicking and navigating to another page or browser tab, we were hoping to mouse hover over that URL link and have that other TestRail case page show up in a box right under it, that is also somewhat navigable (e.g. scroll down for additional steps). This integration would help avoid having to duplicate steps across multiple TestRail test cases, so if one item changes, only one TestRail page has to change (and be tracked!)

Thoughts? Thanks to all!