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History or logging of deleting a Test Case


Is there any where in TestRail that shows that a Test Case has been deleted? I can’t seem to find a record of this happening.

Certainly deleting a Test Suite shows on the Project overview page, but while it may be hiding somewhere, I can’t see a record if just a Test Case (or cases) has been deleted from a Test Suite.

I would note that currently only our Admin has the permission to delete Suites and Cases, but it would still be good to know that there was some indication within TestRail that such an event had occurred.



Hello Neil,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no history in TestRail that shows you deleted test cases. You can view edits and changes for test cases on their History tab and major events can also be found on the project overview page as you’ve mentioned. That said, it is planned to look into this and a more general or complete “audit log” or similar is already on our feature request list (I’ve just added another vote).

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Any update for this? logging of deleted test case is needed for us.



Hi Alston,

This is still on feature request list and planned for review. We generally recommend keeping the list of users who can delete test cases/suites etc. to a minimum to prevent mistakes if possible.


I’d like to add a vote for audit logging at the very least for Admin level actions (like changing custom cases), but test case auditing would be awesome as well.

We just recently had an admin remove a custom test field and had he not spoke up about his action, we would have no idea who did the action. I will add that we are discussing limiting our admin access much more.


Thanks for your feedback, Matt, that’s appreciated!



also a vote from me. In my eyes such information logging is crucial to ensure a consistent test suite. So I really like to see a kind of action log / report about deleted cases


Thanks for your feedback, @bygones!



Add a vote for this feature please. There is a lot of testers in our testrail so this kind of information is very important for us.


Auditing/logging is something we’re looking at for TestRail 6.0, later this year.



Hello GuRock,

I cannot begin to stress how important this feature is becoming for us as a business. Our business is progressively scaling in size and as we start accumulating more overheads, we have some users of testrail who are not aware of some of the ‘best’ practices we have using testrail or the methodology for writing scenarios.

The trouble is that changes can be made to test cases/suites and at face value we can see the “Last Updated” field is useful, but is not indicative of the specific changes that have been made.

It would be ideal as part of this improvement, that you allow for the event logs to be available through API from the Test Suite level, so we could look at not only making better use of the API, but we would be implementing a review process (so to speak) of all cases that are added and/or modified in TestRail.


Please add another vote!