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Historical test case executions & test case definition


We have been using Testrail for awhile and test cases evolve over time. However the test case history does not seem to show what the test case looked like when it was run.

Does Testrail keep this history and does it have the ability to show the testcase version that correlates to the execution?

gary sekinger


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail automatically versions test cases if you use the close feature for runs:

It’s not exposed via the UI which version in the history a case in a run relates to, but closing a run fully archives the tests & results and changes to the case in the case repository/suite no longer propagate to closed test runs.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

I’m not sure I fully understand. When you view a test case, you can see it’s execution history. It would appear that the execution history is for the current definition of the test case.

Testrail already has the history and “tests & results” tabs. It would be ideal if there was a way to designate that change has occurred. On the tests & results tab, there could be a line inserted that says “— test case changed --” which would alert you to when changes have occurred over the execution time line.

We recently had a developer digging and digging because a test case was failing for him when the execution history was all green only to realize hours later that the test case had been recently updated.


Hi Gary,

Changes to test cases only propagate to active runs and closed runs would point to a specific case version (which doesn’t change). A good overview of the versioning features can also be found on our blog:

We will think about ways to make this more flexible or communicate this better in the UI, thanks for your feedback on this!