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His there any way to update a Redmine record using the Push Command


I would like to update Redmine with the test results from the DR that was tested. Can I use the PUSH command to accomplish this?



Thanks for your post! The Push feature of the defect plugin would just be used to create a new issue, and you wouldn’t be able to update existing issues with this currently. That said, with the View URL integration configured, you can quickly click on the ID from within TestRail to jump to the issue in Redmine and update this as needed. When pushing a new issue, you can create a template under Administration > Integration that pushes more details to the issue including various fields such as test steps/results, etc. Hope this helps!



I tried to modify the Redmine.php in the defects directory to execute a “PUT” instead of a "POST: command if the program was provided with a defect number. This failed with a class object error. Can you tell me how to get around this?