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Highlight for changes at Test case history - Show Previous (Feat req)


It would be handy to have a “track changes” -option to the Test Case history page, when “Show Previous” is displayed.

With that, it would be much more easier and time saving to follow how the test case has evolved.

If the different versions could be compared (not only the previous one), it would be even better.

I assume that comparing to the earlier versions would be rather easy to implement for starters (at least hoping so :-).


Hello Ville,

Thanks for your posting. It’s already planned to add more features to the History page and also add more/better comparison (or revert) options. Thanks for your feedback on this, I added it to the existing feature request!



+1 for this feature. It’s currently very time consuming to comb through everything and determine what has changed between versions.


Added another vote, thanks!



Another vote for this feature.

  1. Would like to have an option to compare changes between revisions.
  2. Would like to have the option to revert to a certain version of test case.

Is there a timeline for implementing this feature?


I added another vote, thanks Viraj! We currently don’t have a timeline for this but we will make sure to look into this for a future version (that’s all I can say about this at this point as we haven’t finalized the planning for the next versions so far).



I created an account just to vote for this feature request! We as a QA department would benefit greatly from a test case History option that allows us to compare changes between revisions or even revert to a certain version of the test case.


Thanks for your posting, Stacy. You can already see the revisions/version changes on the History page and this includes previous values (via Show Previous). I’m happy to add an additional vote for version compares/reverting to a previous version and thanks again for your feedback!



Another vote for this feature, as my QA team is growing it becomes more and more important for us to be able to spot at once the modifications added to a test case.



Thanks for your feedback, Sandra, happy to add another vote :slightly_smiling:



Any update on this? I was hoping to see this feature in the new release and I do not see it… :frowning: When I click on “Show Previous” I was expecting to see highlighted text of the changes that my colleagues have made…but instead I have to read the script and try to compare scrolling up…down…up…down. Very time-consuming. I vote for this :grinning:



Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to look into this feature however we don’t have any timeframes/ETAs we can provide just yet. Happy to add your vote to the request!



I’m managing a constantly changing test plan of over 500 test cases. Almost impossible to do without the ability to track history and changes. Add it and your customers will thank you.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply! I’ve added your feedback and vote to the feature request, and we’re happy to look into this as we agree this would be useful to have.



Another vote for the feature of showing a diff between current and previous version.

We have lengthy test cases (many steps in one big steps field) that we automate case by case. Developers need to know whether changes have been made and what exactly the changes are so that they can quickly adjust the automated scripts as well.

In a perfect world, there would be a diff feature (like from Github) where you can pick revisions (versions) to compare and it would show added/deleted/changed lines of text.

There are some diff libraries out there for PHP that can generate such diffs from two different strings.