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Hierarchical session names?


I’m sure you two have thought about this quite a bit,
but I’m curious why you haven’t implemented
Hierarchical session names?
And also ORing of views?

In comparision to say, log4j hierarchical loggers.

Why do i see a need?

I have a large subsystem in my application,
say ‘X’, and if I give it one session name, I cannot easily filter X’s subcomponents output.

For example, maybe X has three phases (X.A,X.B,X.C) which generate copious output. If I give a
single session to X, I cannot easily generate a view
for A,B, or C.
But if I give A,B, and C individual sessions,
I must generate a special view to see all of X.
(and maintain it when I later add X.D)

But, hierarchical names would allow easy selection of X and its children, or any individual child.

And if the ability to ‘OR’ views with checkboxes is present, users how a lot of power to select what is visible.

Although not near as strong as SI, the log4j viewer
’LogMX’ can be used to experience a heirarchical
oring session/logger type selection mechanism.

But, I’m clear SI is the best of breed in the market,
and appreciate having it.



Hello Cameron,

Both features are definitely interesting and already on our feature request list.

We have been experimenting with hierarchical sessions a while ago and found it to a be an interesting feature. It’s for sure a bit more powerful than the current session system but the additional possibilities would also make the sessions a bit more difficult to understand and use. I think we will eventually switch to a hierarchical session system but it’s currently not on our “to implement next” list.

The same is true for OR view filters. While more flexible and powerful, they would also add a bit of additional complexity to the UI. It’s difficult to find the best trade-off between features and usability but I think OR filters will also eventually find their way into the product. We also have a few other ideas on how to further improve the filtering and view system.