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Hiding Projects on Dashboard


Is there a way to show only specific projects on hide others on the dashboard?

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your posting. Do you want to hide projects for certain users for access/permission reasons or do you want to hide or move finished projects? For the first use case, I would recommend reviewing our documentation on user roles and permissions:

For the second use case, you can use the “This project is completed” option when editing a project. This will move your project to a different section on the dashboard page which is displayed less prominently below the active projects (which, in turn, lets you focus on the active projects).



I am having the opposite problem to this. For some reason, I am missing the activities for 3 out of my 5 current projects - yet they are all active, have had activities and I have access to them.

Are you able to help please?


Hi Claire,

Is this on the project overview page? The activity report on the project overview only shows the last two weeks by default but you can change this time frame (by clicking on the days in the legend on the right).



Hi Tobias,
Yes that’s correct. I have played about with the days in the legend, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
I have in the last 7 days created and added numerous cases to a project, but they don’t show when I select the last 7 or even 90 days.
Can you please confirm what this is looking at? Perhaps my assumptions of what will show are incorrect?
Many thanks,


Hi Tobias,
Do I need to raise a support call for this?
Many thanks


Hi Claire,

The activity on the project overview only includes test results and is independent of the cases. There’s a dedicated report for just the cases (new/updated cases) which you can find on the Reports tab (Cases > Activity Summary).

I hope this helps!



Yes, actually it does - I can see that it is actually showing me activity from test results! We are in the very early days of TestRail!

Many thanks for your time.


Thanks, Claire, that’s great to hear :slight_smile: Please let me know in case anything else comes up, happy to help.