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Hide 'Type' Field?


I know there was already a discussion about this here (Ability to Hide/Remove 'Type'), but I ran into another problem. I tried this simple UI script:


(document).ready( function() { (‘ td:eq(2)’).hide();

And it worked great…until I created a case and changed the value in the ‘Template’ field - then it appears again. Anything else we can do to fix this?



We would recommend keeping the Type field and you can just use a single value if you don’t make use of it now. Hiding it completely is difficult because of the highly dynamic user interface (such as changing the template selection for example as you mentioned). Would using a single default value for the Type field work for you instead?



Hi Tobias, thanks for the response.

The problem isn’t that we can’t make use of the field, it’s that we don’t want it as a dropdown list. We envision reusing certain test cases for different purposes, and sometimes for multiple purposes (like automation + regression or automation + smoke). We’ve created a multi-select list that suits our needs much better, and we’d rather not clutter the form with fields we’re not using.

Now, if we could change the Template field so that the default template isn’t an option for this project, there wouldn’t be a need to change the template, and we wouldn’t run into this problem. But that seems like a more complicated solution.



Type is one of the very few standard system fields of TestRail and it’s currently not possible to hide this from the UI and we recommend using just a single default value in this case (e.g. “Case” or “Other”). You can of course use your multi-select custom field in addition to this. We are happy to look into making this more flexible in the future and we already have this on our feature request list (happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback!).



please add a vote from me as well :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, Steffen :slight_smile: