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Hide Pie Chart using UI script?



I’m rather new to Testrail and would like to find out if there’s a way to hide the Pie Chart (seen in the status & test statistics section) in a Test Run report using UI scripts?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



Hi Melissa,

While we can’t typically help with specifics on script, this is request is simple enough. I’ve put together the following which will hide the chart displayed when viewing the Test & Results page of a test case. Adjust the script as necessary to fit your exact needs.

name: Hide activityChart
description: Intended to hide the activity chart when viewing Tests & 
Results for test cases. Modify 'includes' to adjust scope
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0
includes: ^cases

display: none;


Hi Vu Tran,

Thanks for your help!

I’ve tried it in the Runs & Results section and was able to successfully hide it. I noticed that the pie chart reappears in the reports section after i generate the report though. Was about to ask about that when I found this link that shows it’s not possible.

Thanks again!



That’s correct, using UI scripts for reports wouldn’t be possible. Primarily because the reports pages are static HTML pages which get served when viewed directly or emailed. The way TestRail renders this static page is all done in the background where the UI scripts have no affect.

Knowing that you can always grab the html file and while I don’t have an example, modify the HTML either manually or through a script to strip the

that contains the chart.