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Hide password from Defect Plugin Configuration


Hi there,
I’m currently evaluating TestRail.
My question: is there a simple and quick way to hide the password that you wrote in the Defect Plugin Configuration? In my case it’s about integrating JIRA.

It would be great if there are separate fields for the server address, user and password. Moreover the password field should be a real password field like in Site Settings -> Email --> Password.


Hello Patrice,

Thanks for your posting. This is not available in the current version of TestRail (2.5.1) but will be supported with TestRail 2.6 (available soon). You will be able to add variables to the defect plugin configuration and then enter the values in a separate dialog (with a real password field). This feature also adds support to enter a different login/password per user for the defect integration (on the My Settings page per user) so that new issues are automatically associated with the person that added the issue (Reporter field in Jira).

I hope this helps.



Hello there Tobias,
yes this helps. Thank you!
In the meantime, is there another way how i can hide the password? Maybe by editing a certain section in the JIRA.php file?


Hello Patrice,

Yes, you could modify the Jira.php file that comes with TestRail and hardcode the password in this file instead of entering it through the web interface. To do this, you would basically need to create a customized version of the original Jira.php file:

This requires some programming experience but I’m happy to help in case you have any questions about this. You could alternatively change the script to load and decrypt the password from another location (e.g. another file or database).

That said, it everything goes as planned, TestRail 2.6 should be available very soon (we started deploying it on our Hosted platform).



I was about to write up a post titled:

“Request: Define “integration” credentials in each user account” (via the user account control within TestRail).

This is perfect.



Great to hear that this feature is useful to you. And yes, this is a generic feature that also works with FogBugz. TestRail 2.6 will be available next week as a download (most likely).

I will answer your other postings tomorrow, if that’s okay.



Thanks again Tobias - I’m also happy to hear about this being confirmed for 2.6

You’re definitely chipping away at our “list” (of things we’d like to see addressed in TestRail). I appreciate the quick and concise response. I look forward to your posts tomorrow.


You are welcome. Just let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.



This is now implemented Patrice. I’m liking it so far.