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Hide Pass&Next button



we just updated to version 5.1 and really like the new 3 pan view.
the only thing we don’t like is the new pass&next button. This is because we want our users to add a certain comment in the dialog box when you add a result.
Is it possible to
a) hide the pass &next button or
b) have the result box show up after clicking pass & next




out of curiosity - what is it you like to have as comment for a passing test ?


We’ve added a custom field “generated test data”.
Our test cases are desigened as chains, which are depending on each other.
the first test case generates test data like e.g. a customer no.
since the following test case might me executed by another tester, he needs to know which input data to use.
and this can be seen in the custom field, which is also represented as a column,

I hope the explanation was understandable :smile:


You can use custom script:

name: Hide pass & next
description: Hide the pass & next button
author: Alston
version: 1.0
includes: ^runs/view

display: none;
} {



working great ! thanks for that !!


Hi all,

The UI script is one option and another would be add a required field to the Add Result Dialog (TestRail would then always show the dialog, even if you click Pass & Next).

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

We have a UI Script that makes some of our custom Result fields required depending on the result.

e.g. for Passed tests, we don’t require a defect classification (can be pre-existing or introduced), but we do need to ensure this is populated for Failed tests.

The current “Required” setting will mean that the field is required no matter what the result state is.

It would be great if there was another way of ensuring that the pass & next button always displayed the Add Result dialog. It would be even better if the “Required” field could be enabled / disabled depending on the result state.

For now we will have to hide it with another UI script.




Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we’ve thought about this already as well. We will make sure to look into this for a future version again and this would definitely be great to have.