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Hide field(s) from Test Results Form


Hi all,

Since last week we started using TestRail as our new test management tool. So currently I am configuring everything before it can be used by the whole team.

I currently have a question regarding hiding fields on the Add Test Result form, namely ‘Assign To’. I tried this with $("#addResultAssignTo").parent('.form-group').hide(); but without any succes. Regarding the page I tried the folliwing: includes: ^test/ajax_render_result_dialog/(add|edit)

But this doesn’t seem to work, I suppose there is something wrong with my ‘includes’ part?
Since when executing the hide part in the browser console it works like a charm.

Thanks in advance for any help whatsoever

Kind regards,


I searched a bit and here is the answer to my question :smile:

name: Name
description: Description
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0
includes: ^tests/(add|edit|view)

	function() {
		$.subscribe('result_dialog.loaded', 'uiscript_hide_assignto', 



Hi Yves, glad to see that you found a solution to this! If you need any further help, just let us know.


Hi Yves!

You can also add the runs/view page to the include list as the Add Test Result dialog is also used on this page. Other fields such as the Defects, Version or Elapsed fields can also be hidden/deactivated on the Customizations page in the administration area if needed and this wouldn’t require a UI script (same applies to some case fields).