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hi, When trying to install, I get the following error: A PHP Error was encountered. When we configuring the database we facing this error..


please give me the solution…


Don’t know if you’re on Linux or Windows system but you have to install and activate the Ioncube php module as it written in the install documentation :slight_smile:


Hi Hitesh,

Thanks for the post! As Kiéran pointed out, this would indicate the Ioncube loader isn’t installed or configured properly.

Please try downloading the Ioncube Loader Wizard from the Ioncube website and follow the instructions for opening the file. The loader wizard will provide instructions on the additional needed configuration steps. You can obtain the loader wizard here:

If this does not help you resolve the error, send an email to with additional details about your system configuration (Operating System, PHP Version, etc.) so we can help you resolve this.