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Here is a solution for XE7


For those of you that cannot wait for a solution from Gurock, here is a solution for getting SmartInspect 3.3.7 to work with Delphi XE7, that worked for me.

Because the instructions include a lot of code listings that are too much to put directly into this forum, I instead link to my blog post about it. This is how to upgrade SI to XE7


Hi Sean,

Thanks for your posting. As already mentioned in the other thread: if all goes as planned, we might be able to provide an update this or next week. We are sorry that it took longer than expected to release binaries/the IDE plugin for XE7 and we aim for a quicker release for XE8.

Regarding the code change in InternalConnect: we verified the TCP functionality with XE7 and didn’t find any issues (32 and 64 bit). SmartInspect may throw an exception if the connection cannot be established and would report such issues via the OnError event. Our guess is that the issue you’ve seen is independent of SmartInspect and we also cannot really support/nor recommend the code change you’ve added to InternalConnect.