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Help with JIRA integration



I am trying to get the Testrail-JIRA integration to work.
However, I have stumbled upon an issue.
If I understand correctly, the user name and password i provide is meant for the system to log in automatically.
This doesn’t seem to happen.
When I am logged off from JIRA, and I click the “Add” link in a test, to add a defect to JIRA, I must first log in to JIRA.

Am I wrong? Does it have a different purpose?



Hello Nikolai,

Thanks for your email. The Jira user name and password that you configure in TestRail are used for the defect plugin-based integration to push and look up defects. When you click the Push link next to the Defects field in the Add Test Result dialog, TestRail automatically pushes a new bug report to Jira and you don’t need to log in.

If you are using the Add link to jump to Jira’s user interface, however, then you would need to login manually as we cannot pass the login details to Jira via a link. Usually you would already be logged in to Jira though so you don’t need to login to Jira every time you want to access it.

I hope this helps.