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[Help] Report issue



It seems that the report would re-generate every time I reload it and after a certain time it would remain the same as the last report.
My question is when is the duration that the report would generate every time?

And I also notice that some report owned by root and some owned be the web user.
What would make it to owned by different user?




Hello Alston,

I assume you enabled the develop mode for the reports, is that correct? If you generate a report with the Add and View button, this page would automatically recalculate the report on F5/Ctrl+R. If you navigate to the report via the regular report overview page, the report would be static and not regenerated.

Regarding the users: this is related to the same concept. If you live-generate a report with Add and View, the report is generated in the context of the web server user (www-data, e.g.). If the report is generated by the background task instead (the default), it runs in the context of the user who triggers the background task. We recommend setting this to the web server user as well in our documentation but it appears that it’s triggered by root in your cases instead:



Dear Tobias,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I enabled the develop mode.
Thanks for your help.



You are welcome, Alston, happy to help!