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Help organizing test cases



I am trying to organize my test cases. I have created a new project with the multiple sections. In my sections I have mutliple test cases that have different priority. I would like to organize my sections with priority. Is that possible?

Also when I create a test run, I would also like to organize my test cases inside a test run to show the sections i want tested first at the top. Is that possible?


Hello Evale,

Thanks for your posting. You can assign priorities to test cases and also this attribute to sort/order and group your test cases. Just click on the Priority column header in the case table or via Sort: Priority in the toolbar above the test cases. The same applies to the test run pages as well. Assigning priorities on the section level is not directly possible but you can organize the section tree in any way you want and also order your sections by priority/level of importance.

I hope this helps!



yes, that help. Thanks.


You are welcome, Evale!