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Help! New to TestRail

Hi all

We recently installed TestRail (trial version) to figure out how it suits to our needs.

Can someone please advise on the issue I am experiencing below:

  1. Created a user ‘A’
  2. Added a Test Plan
  3. Added TestRun to TestPlan
  4. Included Test Cases in TestRun
  5. Assigned TestRun to user ‘A’
  6. On user ‘A’ dashboard, under To Do list, the assigned test run appears for the specific user (so far all good!)

However, under ‘Test Run & Results’ tab, user ‘A’ can view & execute all other test runs for the project which are not assigned to him.

Is there a way that only an assigned TestRun is visible to a specific user ?

User A can filter only his own test runs in the “todo” tab.

As he can still filter everyone elses thest runs you cannot restrict him running test runs not assigned to him

That’s interesting to know.

What doesn’t make sense to me is why would you want someone to view & execute something when he/she is not meant to use that in any way or form.

Appreciate your inputs. This will definitely help us as an organisation in our decision making.