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[Help] Is there a way to know the test cases page change because of filter


I am trying to calculate the sum of estimate for each section.
I have no idea to catch the event while the test cases page changes after the user change the filter.
Any idea about this?




Hello Alston,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no event for this you could use unfortunately but I’m happy to add this to our list of things to look into (similar to the events we already have for the Add Test Result dialog). Do you currently calculate the estimates on the initial page rendering?



Hello Tobias,

I will calculate the estimate time according to the current page of the test.
for example: the tests after filtered.



Thanks for the additional details, Alston. There’s currently no event for this unfortunately I’m afraid (to implement this in this highly dynamic way) but you can still look into generating the total estimate with the initial page request.