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Have a single test case repository for multiple projects


Hi Test Rail support:

In our testing group (certification) we ran the same set of test cases against multiple projects. The way I’m seeing TestRail works, is that test cases are managed within each project (so I create the test cases for each project)

Due to our type of testing, we would like to have one test case repository that can be linked to each project we have. This is required as our test cases are updated constantly, so I’d love to be able to just change the testcase in our testcase repository and have this change/addition/deletion applied to all projects that are feedback from this test case/test run repository.

Is this something that is possible with TestRail. I might be missing something, but as explained above, as far as I can see, you need to change test cases within each project. Given that we have 30+ projects, this will just not work

thanks a lot for your support!
Edu Varela


Hi Edu,

Thanks for your posting. If you have the same cases in multiple projects, it might make sense to think about using the same project instead of many projects and this has many advantages when it comes to starting runs/plans or creating reports for the case repository. It also helps with keeping case duplication to a minimum. Is there a practical reason why you chose to use so many different projects? Do you manage different parts of your product with different projects in TestRail? Does each team has a different project in TestRail?



Hi Tobias,
Thanks for the prompt response. Our department is an internal audit one, and we audit different software products (titles) against the same set of internal requirements.
Each of this products have multiple submissions through out the year, so it makes sense to keep them as separate projects.
We’ve been playing with having just one project, and treat each product as a milestone, but it ends looking messy, plus seems to be twisting the way test rail is designed to work.
Being able to create some short of central case repository that can be linked to multiple projects would be the ideal solution.
From your response I understand that this is not currently supported, correct?
thanks again,
Edu varela


Hi Edu,

Thanks for the additional details. Yes, linking or sharing cases across projects is currently not something that’s supported and you would need to copy the cases instead. This wouldn’t update all related cases automatically when you make changes but otherwise it shows the same behavior and has some advantages when you prefer multiple projects.



Hi tgurock,

We are looking for this feature as well. I was looking for this feature since 2014 when we had migrated to TestRail.

I’m going re-iterate the topic starter’s problem.
In our organization in QA we organized TestRail in the following way:

  • we have “Master” project to keep testcases for all common features across our software products;
  • then all other projects are per customer and have testcases to cover customer-specific features.
  • unfortunately we have to copy testcases from “Master” to each customer project and this is a real maintenance headache, especially as we grow in number of customers (projects).

Had someone submitted such feature request already?

Is there any workaround to share common testcases between project and get those updated automatically once you change the “Master” project test case?



Hi Alex,

We still have this on our list but currently have not implemented this feature. We will be happy to add your vote for this however.


Please can you add my vote to this feature also


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback, vote added!



Hi. I would like to have this one as well. Thx


Hi Ivo,

Thanks, I’ve added your vote!



Pls add my vote too. Thanks


Please add my vote for this as well.
We have 2 projects that share a core set of test cases. It’s a maintenance nightmare trying to keep these test cases in sync. I deally, I would like to have Project A which would have it’s own set of tests, Project B have it’s own set of tests, but both Project A and Project B would have a set of core tests that are shared for both projects.


Pls add my vote too. Thanks.