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Has anyone worked with Cucumber/Gherkin within Testrail?


Hi all, New member to the forum:

So Im a new QA starting at a web development company. Previously no real test cases or any sort of QA was done. I’d like to get closer to automating some tests but due to manpower…it might be awhile.

However we are now starting to follow the scrum/agile process, and creating Acceptance Test cases/plans off of User Stories is something I wanted to start doing.

Doing these in cucumber style fixtures would help when it comes to automating later on (and as QA manpower gets added)

So im curious if anyone using cucumber for automating tests along with testrail…how they did it? IE what did you test cases look like (format wise?) and how did you go about getting them to run with the API Scripts?




Does this thread help?



Ill have to give it a try! I was more curious just what others did in regards to testrail+cucumber. but Im def. gonna check this out.