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GUI Differences between browsers


I tried to use the search for this item, but I could not find anything that seemed to describe my question.

In firefox, when I am in a test suite with the test cases listed, when I hover over individual cases, they “highlight” (Turns the whole row blue-ish).

In chrome, it does not…

Anyone have an idea why, and what is missing?

I know this is a minor quibble, but it provokes my OCD something fierce…; )

Thank in advance for any insight into this…



What version of Firefox?


I am using 38.0.5, but I have coworkers who are like 37 something…


I think it is just a difference in how they render in the browser. Mine highlights the row with 38.0.1 as well but it is so light I have trouble seeing it - had to get a co-worker to confirm it highlighted in blue.


I think it also has to do with the Windows setup, as the issue occurs on desktop, but on laptop, it shows the blue lines…those lines are helpful, btw, as they help with a long list of cases to know which one you are looking at…


Just like BGanger mentioned, depending on the monitor or monitor color settings the lighter blue might be a bit difficult to see. Different browsers also have different color settings so this can look a bit differently. Could you try increasing the contrast of you display to see if this makes a difference?


We tried this already, but I went back to look at it with a more careful eye…still no effect.

It does not look like its related to the color settings, but more like how the browser might be interpreting the markup on the page…

If I use the dev mode of the browser, what info could I look for to know that this “hinting” or whatever its called that makes it highlight blue would there be?

The mode I am talking about is F12 option, and then hover/interact with the elements on the page.

I have some experience with Selenium/web driver as well, so maybe I could find it some other way…

Thanks so far, everyone, for your responses and consideration!



You can take a look at the

table row for the test case and Chrome allows you to see/test different styles such as the :hover variant by clicking on the little dotted rectangle + arrow icon. When you select the :hover variant you would see the blue background for the row.