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Graphs not showing small percentage results


The progress / success graphs show coloured bars / segments for each status with amount relational to the percentage of that status. If one status has a small percentage, it may not show at all on a graph, e.g.44 Passed, 0 Blocked, 599 Untested, 0 Retest and 2 Failed. The overview bar graph for this shows a small green (success) bar and the rest grey (untested). There is no red (fail). I understand that the 2 failed results represent 0.3% which may be less than the resolution of the bar graph but this gives the incorrect impression that non have failed.

May I suggest there is a minimum space in the graph provided for each status? If there are any failures, there should be at least the minimum number of pixels of red shown. Similarly for each other status.



Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback on this. I understand that this isn’t ideal but using a minimum number of pixels may be misleading as well in many cases. This may still be better than not recognizing the small numbers at all but isn’t the perfect solution either I think. I’ve added this our list of things to look into for now and we will make sure to look into this for a future version, thanks again!