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Global default role doesn't work


Hi Team,

We have a default XYZ role (Global role by default)assigned to all users in testrail. Currently we would like to change the global default role to Release TAM but it doesn’t reflect for the new users who currently log into testrail , still points to the old default global role (XYZ). Kindly help here on how to proceed and how we can change the default global role?


It needs to be changed after everyone is logged out then they would have to log back in again. Also understand that the default role is used when the user is set up and any local/specific project role (essentially override) will take precedence over the global role.

Adding a new role, making it default with the checkbox, will make it such that when adding in a new user - the role in the drop down is the new default.


Hi Bganger,

Thanks for getting back on the short notice , please confirm this if we are providing the default permission to the XYZ role as similar to the Release TAM role, do we need to restart the server / ask all the users to log off completely ?


I believe they would just need to log out and back in but confirmation from a Gurock team member/support would be nice just to be sure… :slight_smile:


Hello Thanraj,

The role that is configured as the default role would be the fallback role in the event other roles the users have been assigned are deleted. It is also the pre-selected role on the Access tab when new users are created.

If the users were created while the XYZ role was selected as the default global role, those users would likely already be assigned the XYZ global role. Once a user has been assigned a global role, you would need to assign them a new role rather than change which role is set as the default. To change the global role of a user, you can either select the role on the Administration > Users & Roles page or change the role when you edit a user account. Once a user’s global role has been changed, those changes are effective immediately and the user should observe the permissions enabled as soon as they refresh the page.

To configure a role to be set as the default, you would just need to check the default role checkbox on the Edit Role page and then save the role. This can be found under Administration > Users & Roles > Roles tab. After a role has been set as the global default, all new accounts created would have this role pre-selected on the Access tab as the global role.

Please note, as Bganger mentioned, users can also be assigned a separate role at the project level. This role would always override the global role for that particular project. If the user does not appear to have the appropriate permissions in a project, you can check the project level roles under Administration > Projects > Edit Project > Access tab.

You can also find more information about managing user roles on our website here:

If you are still unsure or are experiencing further issues with this, please reach out to the support team at and we’ll be happy to help.