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Global Bookmark


Another thing useful could be global bookmark.

usually to debug with a logfile you

  1. filter a logfile to get only intrsting information,
  2. get a bug or strange behaviour
  3. mark the point
  4. consider that point with all info of full debug logfile

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hi Giuseppe,

for this very scenario we added the Clear View Rules option to the views (can be found in the view popup menu or under Edit | Clear | Clear View Rules). When you have a filtered view and want to quickly see the entire context for a particular log entry, then you can just select this log entry and call Clear View Rules. The view filters etc. are then removed from the view and all log entries are shown.

The mentioned global bookmarks functionality is interesting nonetheless. But it might also be a bit confusing since each view can also have its own set of bookmarks. A better idea would probably be a simple Synchronize option which automatically scrolls to a synchronized log entry when switching views. What do you think?


Synced view is a great idea. Another idea about Clear View could be Clear View not as command but as toggle.

when I search an error i quickly turn off all filter to have more information and then i restore all filter to find more occurence about the bug itself.

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Good suggestion, thanks. Although we would probably implement this as an additional option and let the current Clear View Rules command unchanged (a new toggle option called like View Rules Enabled or similar). I added it to the feature request list.