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Gitlab integration with testrail


Want to integrate testrail with gitlab, please assist to me how can i do that.


there is currently only github integration available


Hi ,

I am also interested in integrating GIT LAB to TestRail, please provide your help on this.

Can you please suggest ,if its possible and what procedure ,we should follow to complete this.




I also require GitLab integration because the Development team requires defects to be logged there and when running the tests I need to be able to create the defect directly from TestRail. Not having this feature available is preventing roll out of TestRail to complete team.


I also would like gitlab integration



Would be helpful.


Hi there,

Thank you all for the feedback! We do have an internal request to explore adding a GitLab defect plugin and integration options. For now, I’ve added all of your votes to the request which helps us prioritize future TestRail updates.

For now, you can generally use TestRail’s generic URL-based integration, which will provide some of the integration features:

It is also possible to write a simple custom defect plugin yourself if you are interested in this, and you can use one of our existing defect plugins as a starting point and adjust it to GitLab’s API. We have documentation about this available on our website here: