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Getting timeouts when accessing TestRail using API

I’m using TestRail version (latest), and for the past week I’m experiencing timeouts when performing GET requests using python.
I added a retry mechanism that seems to solve the issue.
My question is - Are there any logs in TestRail where I can try and troubleshoot why the timeouts occur?

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. By default, the debug logging in TestRail is disabled to prevent the logs from ballooning out and potentially eating up disk space on the hosting server. If you’re using TestRail Server, you can enable the debug logs by following the steps here:

For timeouts, I’m not sure if that information would be logged on the TestRail side if the request was not initially received by TestRail, so depending on the nature of the timeout, you may want to check the routing of the request from where it is being sent from to the TestRail system, or the server logs where TestRail is hosted.

If you’re using TestRail Cloud, please reach out directly to the support team and provide an example of an API call that is getting a timeout and the exact response you’re seeing and we’ll be happy to take a deeper look.