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Getting TestRail notifications to Slack


Hi Tobias,

That sounds very good. I hope it will be available soon.
Meanwhile I was able to manage free trial for Slack Standard and now I have the e-mail notifications integrated.
Could you please help me in setting up notifications after every single run to Slack.

So far I only found subscription in case of any changes with test runs, but i can’t setup Slack e-mail there, or there is also possibility to send reports, but the freuency is only on the daily basis.
I would need the notifications to be sent e.g. after every test run.

Thank you so much,


Hello Rudolf,

The current notification system sends emails when assigning runs or tests, or when adding new test results. You can either subscribe manually to run/test notifications and TestRail would also notify test owners (assignee) when a test is updated. There’s currently no notification when a run moves to 100% or is closed, so it’s difficult to implement the exact scenario you are asking for.

Notifications in TestRail work on a per-user basis so you would need to use the Slack email address for a TestRail user (and then register from email notifications with this user).



OK, finally I was able to setup the notifications.
Thanks a lot… for reporting purposes this appears to be temporarily sufficient.

Looking forward to extended integration possibilities :slightly_smiling:



Hi Rudolf,

Great to hear that :slight_smile:



+1 for Slack integration in the near future.


when is implemented, such integrations are usually quite simple


Thanks for your feedback you two! Yes, webhooks would allow for a large number of additional integrations and it’s planned to look into this :slight_smile:



+1 for slack integration


Thanks for your feedback, Mahvish!



I’d like to jump on the ‘+1 for Slack’ bandwagon too - our scrum teams use Slack a lot now, not just for silly giphys :o)

Tobias - any update on the web hooks feature that’s mentioned a lot in this thread??


Hi Simon,

Happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

We currently don’t have an update on the web hooks feature unfortunately but this is becoming more and more popular and it’s planned to look into this.



+1 for slack integration


Thanks, Anton!


  • 1 for Slack integration :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, Raja :slight_smile:



+100 for slack integration. ups! right, i only have one vote. +1 then :slight_smile:


Thanks Carlos :slight_smile:



Hey @tgurock,

So are we getting a slack integration soon ?



Hi Raja,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have an update or estimate but it’s still planned to look into this (likely as part of a more general feature), happy to add another vote!



+1 for slack integration please!