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Getting TestRail notifications to Slack


Hi all,

My team is currently tool prrofing TestRail and it’s intergtations with multiple tools as Jira, Rally, Test Link, etc…
To keep working effectively, we would also like to get notifications to Slack, when new test suit is created, tests assigned for execution, but especially test automation results.

We figured out, there is no powerful integration / add-on with Slack in place yet and it would cost us plenty of time to develop it.

Is there any plan of creating such an add-on in the near future? Or can anyone suggest, how to achieve the above described quickly?

Many thanks in advance!


I like to jump on that - although we use HipChat. But similar to this, I would like to be able to send notifications to external systems (Slack, HipChat, Email), when certain events in TestRail happens.

I expect this might be doable with UIscripts ? Like sending a request to HipChats Rest API (not sure what Slack offers here) when e.g. a Testcase was added, or a test run was created ?

Can someone guide us how to create such UIScript, if possible ?

Slack Integration for Case Failure Reporting

Hi all,

While there’s currently no direct Slack/HipChat integration, one possible integration point would be the email notifications which are generated for several run and result related actions. It should be possible to get those notifications to Slack/HipChat as well but it might require an additional tool like Zapier to implement this. Email notifications are currently generated for test assignments, results & comments or when adding test runs and you can also subscribe to notifications via the small email icon when viewing a test run/test. It’s planned to add support for email notifications on the case level as well but this is not yet available (happy to add another vote to this feature request).

I hope this helps!



I would like to vote for that feature as well. We use HipChat here in our office and it would be great to see TestRail integrating with that.


Added to the list, thanks for your feedback John :slightly_smiling:



Hi Tobias,

Thanks a lot for the advice. Any chance you could estimate the availability time frame for such a feature?
Actually we are considering to purchase TestRail licenses and it would be great to know, if that will be implemented in the near future.



Hello Rudo,

We don’t have a concrete time frame at this point but we are happy to look into this for a future version. We are also considering a more generic feature (web hooks) to support even broader integrations and this would also cover a possible Slack/HipChat integration. I would recommend trying to use the email notifications in the meantime as a workaround, would this work for you?



Hello Tobias,

Certainly, that could work until the feature is in. However a guidline on how to do it would be very helpful.
Do you please have some handy?

Thank you,


@tgurock: I guess you mean the email notification here:

or ?


Yes, that is correct. Unfortunately I don’t know, how to expose it to Slack. Or did you mean the e-mail notifications only?

Thank you,


me ? This is only the email notification.

I don’t know about Slack, but e.g. HipChat has also a REST API, so my initial though was to hook into the email notification thingy, but instead of sending an email, sending a request to HipChat. But from what I understood Tobias, this is currently not possible


The basic idea would be to send the email notifications to a generic email address which can be used to forward the emails to Slack. It would likely make sense to configure the email forwarding outside of TestRail and use TestRail’s standard email notifications.

Some documentation about Slack and emails:

It’s not the best possible integration but a possible workaround. Would this work for you?



Hi Tobias,

I will try to set it up and come back to you.

Thank you for the workaround suggestion!


You are welcome, Rudo, and please let me know in case any questions come up!



Thanks Tobias, very appreciated.

I just figuerd out that the solution suggested will only be possibe if we decide to purchase standard or premium plan for Slack. So far we are only using free version.



Hello Rudo,

Thanks for the update. It’s planned to look into offering a more generic integration in the future (web hooks maybe) and this should also support Slack/HipChat.



Hi Tobias,

That sounds very good. I hope it will be available soon.
Meanwhile I was able to manage free trial for Slack Standard and now I have the e-mail notifications integrated.
Could you please help me in setting up notifications after every single run to Slack.

So far I only found subscription in case of any changes with test runs, but i can’t setup Slack e-mail there, or there is also possibility to send reports, but the freuency is only on the daily basis.
I would need the notifications to be sent e.g. after every test run.

Thank you so much,


Hello Rudolf,

The current notification system sends emails when assigning runs or tests, or when adding new test results. You can either subscribe manually to run/test notifications and TestRail would also notify test owners (assignee) when a test is updated. There’s currently no notification when a run moves to 100% or is closed, so it’s difficult to implement the exact scenario you are asking for.

Notifications in TestRail work on a per-user basis so you would need to use the Slack email address for a TestRail user (and then register from email notifications with this user).



OK, finally I was able to setup the notifications.
Thanks a lot… for reporting purposes this appears to be temporarily sufficient.

Looking forward to extended integration possibilities :slightly_smiling:



Hi Rudolf,

Great to hear that :slight_smile: