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Getting Lock wait timeout exceeded error while deleting test runs


Recently one of the user tried to delete a test run created by him in our organization. While delete confirmation was given, a pop up showed the progress of delete process, suddenly an error message was thrown which starts like ‘[DeadlockException] Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction’. While searching for solutions online, I was redirected by various causes and at the end I suspect it to be a SQL R/W issue due to less IBPS (MySql InnoDB buffer pool space ). Also, I tried to figure out how much is need and what might be the gap, it ended with 9 GB of required space where the current allocated space is just 512 MB. I am not sure whether this much buffer is required by one single application in a server. So please enlighten me on this.

I have referred following links for analysis:


Hi Vinoth,

Thank you for the post and feedback. Typically you would or should not need that much memory allocated however depending on how large a test run is, or any object in TestRail for that matter, can require a larger amount of memory in order to carry out its complete operation. It is hard to say without seeing the size of the test run or knowing what other actions were taking place within TestRail at the time.


Ok, Could you please advise me how much memory would be needed for a test run with 10 test cases ? Or is there any other way to resolve this issue as we are facing this more than 3 times a week.



Hi Vinoth,

Thank you for the follow up. In this case I would recommend sending a message to . We can help you out much better this way. Also if you could include TestRail logs with your request that would be great. I would recommend enabling debug logs and then seeing if you can recreate the issue. Without debug logs, the error will not be logged by TestRail.