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Getting defect id from previous testrun


Is there any way to get defect id from previous testrun while running new one?

For example:
Yesterdays testrun, I open testcase_1, set status “failed” and push\add defect_1

Today I run same testsuite again, testcase_1 set status “failed” and I need to recall yeasterdays defect id. So, maybe there is some way that testrail do this for me?



Hello Total,

Thanks for your posting. You can go to the test case via the Test Case button in the toolbar of a test and then click on the History tab. This shows the test history with test results etc. for this test case and also allows you to view the defects (by opening the test). I would recommend doing this in a separate browser tab and keep the original test page open.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!