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Get the history of a cloned / copied test including the original test case ID


I am trying to retrieve the history of the test case that I have copied to a new project but there is no information in the history tab.


Project 10 contains a test case with a test case ID of X1234

Project 11 has copied the test case over using the copy or move cases function, the same test case now has an ID of X4444.

When I click on the history of the test case X4444 it just says “This test case was created”, it doesnt mention that this test was copied from a previous test case of X1234.

I need that historical information. Is there a way to get this? Bear in mind the example I gave above is what I am trying to achieve but with a larger number of test cases.


Hi Wasim,

Thanks for the post. It’s not currently possible to see the original case ID in a duplicated test, but this is a good idea and I’ve submitted a feature request to explore logging this information in the test case history tab when duplicating tests. I can’t give any estimate on when this would be available, but we’ll definitely explore adding it in with a future release.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the reply!

Yes this will be a beneficial feature to have. I have previously used SpiraTest and every season when we copy over the test suites, it keeps this historical information in one of the tabs so its easier for us to track which tests have been amended and why.