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Get_runs method request


Hello Everybody,
get_runs suppose to return all test runs that are not part of test plan , but why do we have in get_plan response contents plan_id ?


I mean in get_run response instead of get_plan . sorry


Hi Kadi,

Thanks for your posting. The run related fields are always the same, regardless of if they are part of a plan or not. The plan_id attribute will always be null for runs returned by get_runs (and non-null for runs returned by get_plan).

I hope this helps!



I use get_runs but i have both run with plan id and run without plan id
so i am really confused now


It’s quite simple actually :slight_smile: get_runs wouldn’t returns runs that are part of a plan, so plan_id would always be null in this case. Runs returned by get_plan are obviously part of a plan so plan_id would be the ID of the plan you asked for (get_plan/:plan_id).

I hope this helps!



Thank you @tgurock urock, now it works.
Another question, is that possible to get custom field content for a specific case


i got it by get_case/id


For test runs, you would use get_tests to get all tests inside a run and this also includes the case custom fields:

I hope this helps!