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Get_results_for_run Does Not Return Results Prior to Test Case Being Reassigned


When I look at the Test Run results for a Test Case, I have the following situation:

  • The Test Case was executed and passed on 6/6.
  • On 6/8, the Test Case was mistakenly assigned to a different user
  • Later on 6/8, the Test Case was reassigned to the original user.

When I view the Test Run, the Test Case shows as Passed. However, when I execute get_results_for_run filtered for results from 6/6 through 6/12 for the Run, I do not see any results for the Test Case.

Shouldn’t this result still be in the Run?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your posting. Could you please check if you pass the correct run ID to get_results_for_run? Also, get_results_for_run doesn’t return all results/changes by default (only the first 200) and you can paginate through the results via the limit and offset parameters:




Thank you for the response. The API documentation doesn’t mention the limit of 200 results. Is it possible to get that updated?

Also, how can I find out how many total responses there are? Or, do I just keep calling with an increasing offset until there are no results?




Hi Steve,

200 is currently the maximum limit per request and calling the API method until you get an empty response is the recommended way to get all results.