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Get only updated tests for get_tests API

How to get new tests added in a run and existing tests updated with result information. get_tests API gives all tests every time. There are no query params like created_after or updated_after. Are there any plans to support it soon?

Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for the post! The get_tests API method is used to retrieve details about tests within test runs, however these tests are based on test cases in your project. In order to determine the tests which have recently been updated, you would need to use the get_cases API method for this, as changes to your tests are made by changing the test cases themselves.

The get_tests method would include the case_id field which can be used to match your recently updated test cases to tests within the test run. You can also use the add_result_for_case and add_results_for_cases methods to submit results for these case_ids if you are certain they are included in the test run.

I hope this is helpful,

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your quick response, though its not the solution I was looking for.

Let me be more clear. By updated tests I didn’t mean the fields inside test record. What I meant is, in a run specific cases can be pulled. But later the same run could be updated to bring in more test-cases or remove existing ones. Now how to do I know if this scenario has happened and only pull the delta. For eg: get_results_for_run has query params “updated_after”, “created_after”. I was looking for something similar for get_tests too.

I hope its clear now.