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get_cases by IDs or project



I am wondering if there is an easy way to use get_cases with test case IDs. That is, I am looking for a way to perform bulk retrieval of test case information using multiple IDs, rather than having to call get_case multiple times for each test case ID.

Alternatively, is there a way to get metadata information about all the test cases in a project without specifying a suite?




Regarding searching by test case IDs — apparently there’s no such thing.

Regarding all cases in a project — well, according to the API docs both suite and section are optional. Additionally there are a few more search parameters, so maybe that helps you accomplish what you need.


Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, I am operating in a multi-suite environment, so to the best of my understanding, the suite-id field is mandatory.


Did you try the get_cases request without suite id? I have a feeling it should work


I will certainly look into it. I appreciate the help.


Unfortunately that did not work out.


Sad to hear. And I’m already anticipating Tobias or Dennis advising you to switch to single-suite mode :slight_smile:


Hi all! :smile:

The suite ID is required in multi-suite mode and you can get a list of suites via get_suites. The section ID is optional is both cases and can be used to filter the result based on section(s).




Is there any plan to add either of the two features listed above for multi-suite mode?


Hello Jordan,

For the multi-suite mode, you would need to call get_cases separately for each test suite. You can simply get a list of test suites via get_suites and you would be able to get all cases by iterating through your test suites and calling get_cases for each suite.



I want to add new test run every time when ever i run the test scripts through automation. for this i have used add run method. even though i am using valid project ID, i am getting the error"APIError: TestRail API returned HTTP 400 (“Field :project is not a valid ID.”)"