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Get_attachments_for_case does not retrieve step attachments

Hello Team,

It looks like get_attachments_for_case does nor retrieve the screenshots that are added as attachments in the test steps, but only the files added as attachments in the case itself.

get_attachments_for_case/12345 will return nothing

whereas get_case/12345 will return all case data including step

"custom_teststeps": [
            "content": "Example num 1",
            "expected": "![](index.php?/attachments/get/23456)\n![](index.php?/attachments/get/23457)\n![](index.php?/attachments/get/23458)\n"

Should this work this way? If so, how would we be able to collect the attachments that are pasted in the various steps and/or other case fields (either custom or not)?