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Get a report for each Pass/Fail and not just the overall Status?


I haven’t fully explored the Reports feature, but nothing stood out to me right away as the answer.

I was wondering if there’s a way to create a report that will use all of the individual Results and not just the overall Status of the Case?

More specifically, if there’s 3 passes and 2 fails in 1 case, I want to see all that information in the report, not just the Status of the 1 case.




Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can simply use the print views (in Details mode) to get a report that includes all test results (current and past). You can open such a print view/report by clicking on the printer icon when viewing a test run/plan or milestone.



Thanks for the response,

But either I’m misunderstanding, or that isn’t the functionality I’m looking for.

In all of our cases, we use the steps_seperated and steps_results field, which gives us multiple pass/fail results for a single case.

Here, you can see there’s 2 cases, that count for the 100% in the report.

But if you dig deeper:

You can see there are much more detailed results within the case.

My question is is it possible to get these individual results to show up in a report, or even better, in the larger pie graph that’s shown?


Thanks for the additional details. Reporting on the test step level is currently not included in the chart and TestRail displays the overall status per test result. The pie chart lists the latest status and the activity chart (Activity tab) also includes previous results (results over time).

I hope this helps!



So there’s no way to generate a report that displays results on a test step level? If not, then I’d like to put in a request to support this feature. :slight_smile:



There’s currently no dedicated report for this but I’m happy to add this as a feature request. We found that most users are usually interested in the overall status in the charts/reports rather than the individual steps but I agree that getting insights into how many steps passed/failed is also useful, of course. I’ve added this to our list of things to look into, thanks again!



+1 for me. This feature would be very handy.


Added to the list, thanks!




can you comment on where on the list this is? :slight_smile:


It’s an internal list so it’s not public currently. We keep a list of feature requests and suggestions and most features we add are directly based on this list and the feedback we get.

I hope this helps!



+1 for me as well please


Added, thanks Simon!



+1 and also I created a new topic before I saw this. Sorry.


Happy to add your feedback, thanks Andac!



We are also interested in this kind of report. Do you have an estimate when this might be released?


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your posting and feedback, happy to add another vote. We currently don’t have an estimate/update but the print views/reports already contain all details and it’s also possible to use the XML exports or API to generate custom reports, for example. Happy to provide more feedback on this if this would be an option.



Hi Tobias,

Has there been any progress in regards to generating a self contained zip file report that also includes the test result information in each test case provided?

I.e. Fail result - information as to why it failed and/or a coresponding image

Currently the self contained report zip file requires access to TestRail project to view the results.




Hi Barx,

Thank you for the follow up. We at this time have not implemented this into the reporting functionality but we do hope to include this still in a future release. I would recommend keeping an eye on our forums as well as our blog located here:


Our company also would like to have this feature. We have a functionality that should not be shown in the whole TestCase list on TestSuite page and have been split into steps. We would like to have access to compare specific results of steps that were run on last builds. We plan to automate these tests, so having this nice-looking report for last dozen of testrun would be great.
Do you have any ideas how to workaround this case?


Hi Leonid,

Thank you for your post. I have added your vote to this feature request. In regards to a work around, we would recommend if you are needing advanced reporting results like you are wanting, that you export your test run data and build custom reports against this data locally. In fact we have quite a few customers that do this.