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Get a list of all test cases generated by a user in "Test Suites & Categories" section?

Is there a way to get a list of all test cases generated by a user in the “Test Suites & Categories” section?

So I have written several test cases and assigned myself as the generator.
However, I have several different Test Suites with Test cases where I am the generator.
So I want to see a list of all test cases across all test suites/projects where I am the generator.


Hi there,

Thanks for the post! There is not currently a way to set up a filter that would show you a full list of test cases from each project/suite that you’ve created. The test cases contained in each test suite and project are completely separate from one another, so the filtering would need to be done within each individual suite/project.

The easiest way I can think of to get all of test cases into a single list would be to export each suite of cases into a CSV file, then merge the spreadsheets into a single file, where you can sort by the “Created By” column, then you’d be able to see all test cases throughout the entire instance in the spreadsheet that were created by each user.