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Generating Word document?


We’re checking our TestRail and really liking the UX and the flexibility the export options give us. Nice work.

Our customer expects the test plan in a certain format, which I guess will take some effort on our part. I can see the need to parse the XML/CSV and programatically populate a Word template with those data.

We can’t possible be the first ones to have a need like this, so I’m just interested in knowing if anyone reading this feel like sharing some wisdom. What are your experiences, and are there any ready-made solutions we can put to use?



Hello Roger,

Thanks for your posting. I am not aware of a customer that has used the export to generate Word documents. While this is certainly possible we unfortunately do not have any sample code for this. That said, we are happy to help in case you have any questions about this.

I would recommend using the XML export format (as opposed to CSV) as this includes all information you would need to generate your documents. A getting started guide for the XML format used by TestRail can be found in TestRail’s online help (Help in the upper right of TestRail, then TestRail Help > Importing test cases and sections).

Another option would be to use TestRail’s API to pull test data/test results out of TestRail and format it accordingly:

As mentioned, just let me know in case you have any questions.



Hello Tobias,

Do you have any news about generating Word document functionality (for test design and execution documents)?
We already could do that without develop API add-ons?



Hello João,

We recommend the print views for test suites/runs/plan/milestones to generate such documents. You can save those print views to a PDF with most browsers or HTML file. A direct Word export is currently not available but you could also look into using the CSV/Excel or XML exports to generate Word files.