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Generating testing progress/results report in table format

For my project, I have a Milestone set up with 11 Test Plans. In those 11 Test Plans are up to 50 test runs in each. For leadership, I need to provide a tabular summary–sometimes by Test Plan and sometimes for a particular group of test runs within a set of test plans. Is there a means to generate a tabular report such as below without having to manually pull stats out of a bunch of scheduled reports by test plan or selecting the test runs?

If there isn’t, has anyone found an HTML to CSV converter tool they’ve used for converting the TestRail reports?

Or is via the API the only way to do this?


Hi @BMac89,

Thanks for the post! I believe we also received an email from you regarding this. Please let us know if you did not receive that email of if you have any follow-up questions.


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Can the rest of us be included in that conversation?

That seems quite useful and if there’s a solution or timeline I think a decent number of people would also like to know. I know I would.

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Here’s the response I received from Gurock on this topic:

"If you need tabular data on a test run, milestone, etc. on a regular basis, and TestRail’s reports do not provide you with the data structure you need, we would recommend either using TestRail’s API to retrieve this data, or using our export to CSV option for these entities.

With TestRail’s API, you would be able to retrieve your test runs and plans associated with a specific milestone and then use the ‘get_tests’ methods for all of your test runs to compile data as needed, as the ‘get_tests’ method would provide you with the status of each test in the run.

Alternatively, you can export an entire milestone to CSV and include your test details for all runs and plans inside the milestone. You can then use the data from this CSV export and create a pivot table in Excel or feed this data into any tool as needed. You can find the export button on the toolbar near the print icon."

For our situation, we have the server edition of TestRail. Instead of retrieving the data via the API, we are now querying the SQL database directly to get at the data we need and then pasting it into Excel.

Suggesting the poster to blindly go pulling from TestRail’s DB is just strange. Would you have an example of a SQL query set to reproduce his request? My team is also looking for something close to this.

Here’s an SQL query I’m using from the DB to get a table of results for the test plans similar to what’s shown in my original question:

SELECT,, r1.passed_count, r1.retest_count, r1.failed_count, r1.untested_count, r1.blocked_count
FROM runs AS r1
WHERE r1.is_plan = 1;

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