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Generating reports


I am trying to generate the following 2 types of reports on testrail. Need help on how to generate them.

  1. All my test cases have a custom field - user story ID. How do I run a report to pull all the tests that are related a specific user story ID? This report will be more like a test case mapping.
  2. For my current testing project, I have created milestones for seperate sprints, for example- project1 sprint1, project1 sprint2, project1 sprint3 etc.,. Is that possible for me to run a report that would show me a testing summary of project1 sprint1, project1 sprint2 and project1 sprint3 combined together?




Thanks for your posting. I saw that you sent the same request via email as well and we’ve answered your questions via email. Please let us know in case you have any further questions.