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Generating reports in Microsoft Word format


Hi all,

I’m finding it a bit difficult generating my TestRail reports in an MS Word format. I want to convert my test runs and test reports in a MS word format but it’s only giving me options of CSV, Excel and XML. I want MS Word.


Not an option at this time… I believe to maintain formatting for the graphs etc,


Hi all,

Thanks for your posting. The exports are currently available in CSV, Excel and XML. You can alternatively also use the print views (just click the printer icon on various pages) and generate nice-looking PDFs using the browser print features.

I hope this helps!



There is a way to have TestRail stuff in MS word format, but it’s a bit hacky :smile: (I used this for test cases, but should work with reports too, though they might be more complex).

As Tobias mentioned, you have to generate the print view first. But instead of printing it, you use your browsers options to save it as a complete webpage (e.g. by pressing the alt-key in Firefox to reveal the good old menu). This will create an HTML file + directory with all graphic files, css files and such. Now comes the hacky trick: just open this generated HTML file in Word! The last step is to save it as a DOC(X) file.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for the workaround, that sounds really useful! Should work for reports on the Reports tab as well but you might need to open the report frame separately first.