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Generating reports above 500 test results

Hi dear TestRail Community,

I used scheduled report generation in September with the version 5.x.y.
I have updated TR to 6.x and did not touch the machine which is running TR (Windows Server 2016).
Now the scheduled reporting gets stuck, it never finishes the report (bubbles are moving).
I updated TR and the Windows machine, still no success.
We have examined the machine, which looks like just fine.

Any idea, what could go wrong or investigate further the issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gabor,

Thanks for the post! Are you seeing the same behavior if you use the “Create Similar” button on an existing version of the report, essentially creating the same report as new? With the update to 6.0 we are aware of an issue with the size of the reports growing, which may be the culprit in this case, and are working to release a patch fix for TestRail Server users. If recreating the report does still result in it getting stuck during generation, please reach out to the support team at so we can provide more direct assistance.