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Generating report with certain sections

Hi there.

I would like to build coverage map for automation testing by using custom field AUTOMATED.
Coverage map is a standard report provided by TestRail:
Cases -> Property Distribution -> by AUTOMATED field.

The output report quite nice because I can see all TestCases which are already automated, which need automation, and which don’t.

We need to split test cases by sections. Unfortunately in the output report TestRail in the field SECTION shows only the most close section to a testcase.

As we have nested structure (so FEATURE > SUB-FEATURE > SOME FOLDER > test case) I would rather see what high level section test case belongs to.

It means now I see SOME FOLDER as a section of test case when I want to see FEATURE.
(if it’s possible to show all the path like FEATURE > SUB-FEATURE > SOME FOLDER it’s also acceptable)

Is it any way to show top section in field SECTION for test cases in output report of type Cases > Property Distribution?