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Generating a SIL file


I wrote a new protocol that logs each Packet in my database using JSON format. I want to be able to generate a SIL file to view it in the console. ANy pointers?


We do have documentation available for the SIL file format, but it would take some time to reimplement this:


I would prefer not to reimplement the SIL format. Surely you have classes for this already? Seeing that you write the log file?

Is there any docs about your classes that we can use to read/write Packets & log files?


Hello Louis,

Thanks for your reply. The libraries include classes for this (FileProtocol, for example) but these classes can change and we would usually recommend your own implementation. The protocol is a very simple (binary) protocol and a standard log entry record in a file usually only has a dozen fields and is very compact (<100 bytes).