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Generating a Quality Report


My need is to create a report as follows:

Introduction (what did we test / testrun description would work)
Milestone summary (passed/failed etc)
Results by section (Acceptance Criterias)
Quality word (statement)

So, i can currently get:
Intro / report
Milestone summary report.

Cannot add section-info, we evaluate the success based on sections as well
Defects list, bugs found during testing -list
Testers summary (quality statement)

Custom reports seem to be for TR3/4. We are runninng 5 on our own server.


So no-one has similar needs or cannot help?



No-one generating “Release quality report” from TestRail?
And no replies about customizing either?
Is someone else actually using the reports?


My company does not use the reports - we are a VERY small team. Most of the reporting we do are done via SQL and Excel for the data we need. I believe the reports are not customiziable - you have to use the mix of data they have though since we don’t use the reports - might be incorrect.


Can we put our own HTML template to the server and use that if the reports are not customizable?

All the data is in place, but gathering the report is not :slight_smile:


We have tried to use the built-in reports, but have ran into issues with them not completing and showing the eternally generating spinner. I ran across another discussion that mentioned this may be due PHP not being able to handle a large amount of data.


There is a PHP setting to allow more memory to PHP from the default setting.

Use -1 to make unlimited amount of memory available to PHP.


Thanks @BGanger. This seems to have done the trick!