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Generate workload reports on completed reports



I would like to generate a workoal summary report on a project, taking into consideration both active and complete runs. The problem is that whatever historic parameters I select, the summary always match to active runs, never to complete runs.
I’m selecting :

  • Maximum number of test runs to include (latest first) = ALL
  • Maximum number of tests to display (per user) =1000

Also I tried another thing : selecting a workoald summary report only on completed runs. Scripts are runing but after few seconds I get an empty report.

have you any idea how to proceed?

thanks in advance


Hello Souade,

Thanks for your posting. Are you referring to the Users > Workload Summary report? This report would only take into account the current workload and active test runs (not past performance). To see the user performance, there are other alternatives such as the Results > Property Distribution report grouped by the Tested By attribute, or the Summary reports with detailed elapsed times per test run/plan/milestone.

I hope this helps!




ok thanks that’s what I was looking for : Results -> property distribution then select by “assigned to”.

thanks again!


Great to hear that this helped :slightly_smiling: