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Generate reports



Is there any possibility to generate reports with e.g. tests which status is failed?
Or any other ‘filter’ when generating report?




Thanks for your posting. Most reports of TestRail are directly integrated in the UI (e.g. Status, Activity or Progress reports), but we currently work on adding a more flexible reporting feature to TestRail and this will be included in the next update. While there’s currently no generic report for showing the failed test cases for an entire project or similar, you can group the tests by the test status to quickly see the failed tests for a test run:

(this is grouped by Assigned To, but grouping by Status is similar, just click on the ‘Status’ in the test table)

It is planned to ship useful and configurable built-in reports (e.g. requirement coverage, test result comparison etc.) and also include the option to build and integrate custom reports as we’ve learned that different customers have different needs for reports and it would be difficult to cover every possible reporting aspect out of the box.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.